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Recommended travel options

SJ (National train services) - https://www.sj.se/en/home.html
Ticket machines available at all stations but online is the best. ALWAYS buy your ticket before boarding the train and buy it in time to make sure you get your ticket.

Swebus - https://www.swebus.se/SwebusExpress_com/
Buy online, ticket machines on some train stations.

Airport Coaches - https://www.flygbussarna.se/
Ticket machines available at airports or buy online.

Arlanda Express train - https://www.arlandaexpress.com/
Expensive, but there is a good discount if you travel in a group!

SL Stockholm commuter train -  https://sl.se/en/

From Arlanda Airport

If you are going straight to Norrköping we recommend SJ train or Swebus. If you are making a stop i Stockholm first we recommend the Airport Coaches or the more expensive Arlanda Express train. You can also take the SL commuter train but because of the Arlanda station fee it is not really worth it unless you are visiting somebody in Stockholm along the commuter train line.

From Skavsta Airport

Go with Airport Coaches or take local bus to Nyköping to go with SJ och SWEBUS. Read more: https://www.skavsta.se/en/getting-to-and-from/bus-train-taxi/

Traveling in Norrköping city or region

This will probably not be neccessary since we often walk around the beautiful town wherever we are going. If you will be staying a bit from the center or just want to get around there are trams and buses. You can also pay on board using Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard or Maestro. Travel planner on their website:

Traveling around Stockholm

Stockholm - https://sl.se/en/
The Stockholm region has a big local transport network. The main thing to think about is that the one way tickets are quite expensive, so do consider buying a 1,2 or 3-day card if you know you will be making more than 2-3 trips a day. The app is only for one-way tickets so get the card for 20 SEK. Ticket machines are in english and you can easily plan your travels on the website.

In Stockholm you can never buy tickets on board of a bus! This is not a problem on the airport or by any metro- or train station since they are manned. But if you buy a single ticket to stay at a friends place reachable by bus only, you are in for a walk unless the driver is feeling benevolent.

Traveling safe

We will do our best to meet you at the airport, please specify this in the form while signing up. If you have other questions about visiting Stockholm you can contact the Stockholm group by their Facebook page or send them an email.

We want your trip here to be as great experience as possible - even if unexpected things happen. Therefore we recommend that you keep these numbers with you. Please note that they are mainly for emergency situations.

Professor Pandão 0046 70 515 1441

Instrutor Inhãme 0046 730 68 00 66
Monitor Fruta Seca 0046 730 98 78 55